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Read the latest announcements from SMS Relief
Read the latest announcements from SMS Relief
Read the latest announcements from SMS Relief
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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please contact us
Q. Who is SMS Relief?
A. SMS Relief is a data management company that raises funds for National Registered Charities. (For more detailed information see the General Information section under “About Us.”
Q. How does SMS Relief raise money for Charities?
A. SMS Relief has an extensive opt-in database of mobile phone users. Advertisers pay us to send advertisements to the members that have opted in to that database. For every advertisement that we send we donate up to a maximum of 5 pence to the member’s chosen Charity Partner in addition to an equal amount paid directly to the member.
Q. Who chooses which Charity will receive the donations?
A. SMS Relief sponsors no more than two Charities per year, all funds raised over a 12 month period from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of each year is then equily divided between them.
Q. How do I know what type of advertisements I would receive? What if I don’t want to receive certain types of ad?
A. Again, when registering for the scheme members are given categories of advertising that they would like to receive. Therefore if there is a market sector that you are not interested in – you do not have to receive those types of advertisement.
Q. What if I change my mind about the categories of advertising I wish to receive?
A. At any time members are able to edit their profile; including their choice of advertising categories and payment methods.
Q. Does it cost anything to register with SMS Relief?
  A. No. Registration is totally free both for mobile phone users and Charity Partners.
Q. How do I register as a mobile phone user?
A. You can register by clicking on the “Join Now” link. Simply fill in your details on the form and press the SUBMIT button. You will then receive confirmation to activate your account.
Q. How do I register as a Charity Partner of SMS Relief?
A. To register as a Charity Partner and start receiving donations, click on the “New Charity Sign-Up” link. Simply fill in the details requested and press the SUBMIT button. Once submitted you will be contact by SMS Relief to discuss as to how we can help raise funds for you.
Q. How much money can we expect to raise?

A. SMS Relief guarantees to donate up to 5 pence for every advertisement sent to any member that has chosen you as their Charity Partner. In addition, if those members agree to forego their own payments, SMS Relief guarantees to donate an equal amount to your fundraising efforts. The more mobile phone users that register, the more money you will raise! So we recommend that you actively advertise your sub-domain page of the SMS Relief site to encourage as many mobile phone users to register and donate to your charity as possible.

Q. As a mobile phone user, is there any commitment on our behalf?
A. Other than to receive and read the advertisements in the categories of your choice, no. You are able to cancel your membership at any stage, unless you are a competition winner. Please see competition rules.
Q. As a Charity Partner, is there any commitment on our behalf?
A. Other than promoting the opportunity, none whatsoever. You can opt-out at any time.
Q. As a member will my details be released to anyone, including my chosen Charity Partner?
A. Absolutely not. SMS Relief will not release any details of any member to anyone, at any time. For further details see our "Privacy Policy".
Q. Is there an age restriction to joining the scheme?
  A. Yes the minimum age limit is 16 years old. If anyone is found to be younger than this then there account will be closed immediately and there funds suspend. Any monies raised by them will automaticaly go to the Charities
Q. As a Charity are there any restrictions on becoming a Partner?
A. No. Provided you are a National Registered Charity and you have a NRC number you qualify to join the scheme.
Q. How many advertisements will members receive?
  A. We have capped the total at 10 per mobile phone per day.
Q. When and how will we receive our money?
A. Both members and Charities will receive payments one month after the closing date, members will receive there payemts via there chosen method of payment when they signed up. Charities will receive a cheque with a gift aid declaration so they can obtain the additional revenue from the TAX office ( which at this time is 26p for every pound donated).
Q. How do I cancel?
A. For both Members and Charity Partners we simply require an e-mail informing us of your wish to cancel, quoting your username and password.
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