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Read the latest announcements from SMS Relief
Read the latest announcements from SMS Relief
Read the latest announcements from SMS Relief
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Welcome to our Services page

Here we hope you will find things you will enjoy.
Here we will give you a brief description of each of the services SMS Relief offers.


Download free to try games, some of which you wont find any where else on the net for up to four weeks.

Buy At SMS Relief

Our own on line web store, offering some great web only prices from fantastic shops such as Sky, Comet, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and more.

Phone Store

A place to get your next free mobile phone, subject to terms and conditions

SMS Peer

Join our peer to peer program and put your computers idle time to good use. This does not send any data from your pc about yourself nor any programs installed on it. This is a program that helps webmasters all over the world to ensure there uptime is correct. Download the file and enter the information required. You can see how much we earn every month.

Compare Prices

Don't forget to compare prices first though you never know where you might save even more money.

Web Hosting

Try our web hosting, use the worlds third largest internet service provider as we do. Guaranteed excellent customer services
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